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Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest i Oslo sentrum, det rette sted å lære- og danse Bachata & Salsa.

Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest i Oslo Sentrum.

Bachata & Salsa are fun and sensual Latin-american dances and very popular also in Oslo! Bring your friends & meet new friends! All ages are welcome!

When to start:

Bachata & Salsa Mondays: 8 weeks round starts with our Free Weeks. You can also DROP IN any time as long as the class fits into your level!
To read about our Free Weeks, click here.

**17:30-18:25: Salsa Basics
**18:30-19:25 Salsa Beyond Basics: custom-made classes.
**19:30-20:30 Bachata Basics
**20:30-21:30 Bachata Beyond Basics
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Salsa Beyond Basics: custom-made classes , teaching mostly Salsa On1, and introducing sometimes Salsa On2 and Cha-Cha-Cha when requested by the group.

**21:30-22:30 Bachata & Salsa Social Dance all levels, all styles. Every Monday, since 2008!
DJ Rey plays Bachata & Salsa! Let’s party, practice & meet new and old friends!

Enjoy some nice Bachata songs while reading:

Private lessons:

  • Not able to join every Monday?
    No problem at all. Take one or two private lessons and then drop in to next level whenever you can.
  • Want to catch up with a group?
    Did you miss a group class in your course round, a shorter private lesson will solve the problem
  • Would like speed up your level?
    You feel that the group classes are too slow for you? You might consider combining your group class with private lessons, or just take private lessons.
    That said, it is really important to practice your social couple dance in a social concept 😉
  • Doing something nice and extraordinary together with your loved one?
    Why not taking a mini vacation from everything happening around you, and enjoy a timeout into the latin couple dance world!?
    You can also book a private lesson for your friends and coworkers. Possibilities are unlimited.

To read more about private lessons, click here.

Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest


Salsakurs Oslo sentrumReyza the Dance Doctor, who has been teaching couple dances since 1990. He brough the modern Salsa to Norway in 1996!
Reyza is fun to be with, and make sure everyone get the right technique!

Karina Dragonfly has 26 years of teaching experience in dance! They brought regular Bachata classes and parties to Norway in 2008 & were the first ones to have Bachata evenings since then, with class & social dance on the same evening 🙂 They are professional, dedicated, kind, humorous & highly experienced instructors.

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Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest

Partner Not Necessary

Partners are not fixed so you’ll have opportunity to meet new friends and dance with different people. If you attend with your own partner and for whatever reason you wish to stay with your partner, this is fine, just stay with your partner when we change partners. There are always a few participants repeating their beginner course to refresh their basics. This will provide you the opportunity to dance with stronger dancers to help you learn faster.


Bring dance shoes, or other indoor shoes that have slippery soles to avoid injuries) that does not leave marks on the floor, or dance with socks. We have NICE DANCE SHOES TO SELL on the same location as the course, from 300 NOK. Come earlier to try them 😉


Class can be taught in Norwegian or English, according to the needs of participants. It can be translated what is needed to Portuguese, Spanish & Persian.

We Take Good Care of You

We have created the perfect atmosphere for learning, having fun and socializing at I Love Dancing, dedicating to offer the best quality in all we do for you:

Social Dancing Oslo

  • Awesome pedagogy
  • Fun classes in all levels
  • Fast results
  • Kind instructors
  • Many popular dance styles
  • Friendly community
  • Elegant and super central location
  • Great variety of amazing music
  • Awesome sound system
  • Great dance floor
  • Cozy colorful light system
  • Nice ecological bar & café
  • Exclusive dance shop
  • Effective combination of classes & party of the same dance style on the same day and location, so you can practice right away what you learn and make best use of your investment of time and money.
  • Our events are done with great respect for other teachers & events. This is truly a place of art with a heart!

Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest


All is Free during our Free Weeks. please see our prices otherwise:
*** I Love Dancing CARDS: Silver, Gold & Diamond: it’s all INCLUDED! 😉
*** Party: Kr. 50,- / FREE for class participants from the same day
*** 8-weeks course: Kr. 990,- / 790,- Students
*** Punchcard: Kr. 160,- per punch / 128,- Students
*** Drop in: Kr. 200,- / 160,- Students

Click here to see more options on our price list.

Purchase at the door or online here:

Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest

More Discounts


*** 50% Discount on REPEATED Beginner Course. We at recommend that all join the beginner course at least 4 times (while going to other levels) as this is how you get good in your dance.
*** RECRUIT A NEW FRIEND who hasn’t been to ILD: We deduct 10% of your friends 1st purchase, from your own pass.
Example 1: Your friend takes 1 full course (990,-/ 790,- students), you get kr 99,-/ 79,-discount on your course.
Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on 🙂

Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest

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Bachata is a romantic, playful, and sensual street Latin Couple Dance. Bachata is danced in all Latin dance clubs all over the world.
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Bachata og Salsa Mandager Kurs og Fest