Karina Dragonfly

Karina Dragonfly

Karina Dragonfly – Instructor & Manager Karina (Brazil/ Norway). Dance with the Queen! Karina Dragonfly comes from Brazil and have been dancing/ performing already from age 5 (since 1981), and has been teaching from age 13 (since 1989).

Karina started with Rhythmic Gyms from age 5 to 8 (since 1981), and Jazz-Ballet from 8 to 12. At the age 13 she started dancing, teaching and performing Lambada, during the Lambada fever of 1989. She has developed her Lambada to the latest tendencies today, called as Brazilian Zouk. This is her favorite dance. Karina is the most experienced Zouk professional in Norway.

She has been dancing, teaching and performing Salsa, Samba de Gafieira, Samba no Pé, Forró, Bolero and Cha Cha Cha from the age of 16 (1992). Karina dances, teaches and performs Salsa New York Style On2 (Eddie Torres Style – her favourite style), and also LA Style, Cuban and Rueda Casino. She has also developed dances such as Bachata, Fox Trot, Jive, Biodanza and a little Tango.

Karina is also the most experienced Samba teacher in Norway, and has choreographed 3 amazing samba no pé (solo dance) choreographies. Karina’s show team travels around Norway and the world to perform.
(Karina Dragonfly).

Since November 2010 Karina started with her new passion, West Coast Swing, and teaches it in Norway with Arild.

Karina has been a model & actress from 1989 to 2000. She teaches dancers to use catwalking techniques and how to have the right attitude on the dance floor. More than good techniques, Karina has got a feminine, sensual and spontaneous way of moving.

Karina has been also an holistic therapist graduated in psychology. Nowadays Karina spends most part of her time sharing teachings of well-being. Learning dance or any teaching with Karina gives a boost to anyone’s confidence!
(Karina Dragonfly)

Her dance classes are known to be very dynamic, where she surely shares with the participants her enthusiasm for life!
Karina & Reyza are dance partners and business partners at I Love Dancing (formerly SalsaSite Productions).