Shines Salsa Shines & Body Movements About Floor Shines/ Solo steps: In salsa, body styling techniques and solo dancing are pivotal for a good dancer. This course is designed for men & women who have completed at least Beginners 1 & 2 of salsa N.Y. Style On2, as well as intermediate or advanced dancers, who would like to add some groove & footwork combinations to their Salsa dancing, learn how to use the whole body while dancing, including hips, shoulders, arms and rib cage, or simply have a fun & stylish way to exercise. On1 dancers will be able to transfer the moves and most of the shines to On1 dancing as well. Beginners are also welcome to participate, but notice that you might find the class too quick in certain routines; but keep on joining in, because only then you will quickly learn how to coordinate body movements in an easy and stylish way. Do it with flavor! Learn Salsa Shines at Home!? Purchaseone or several Salsa Shines Instructional DVD’s at our dance shop. High quality DVD’s tought by the best dancers & instructors in the world! Private Salsa Shines Classes: A great idea! You learn 5 to 20 times faster than in the group classes! In this way you can also join a group which has already started. Contact us today to organize individual sessions or mini-groups. Happy dancing!