Timeplan 2018

Timeplan 2018

Nye 8-ukers kurs starter 6 ganger i året med gratisuken hvor du kan være med og prøve alle våre nybegynnerkurs helt gratis og uforpliktende. Alle andre nivåer er også gratis å prøve om det er din første gang du tar dem hos I Love Dancing.

NB! Karina has moved to a new studio: www.karinahoepers.com

Disse ukene kan du danse gratis hos oss i:

8–11 januar, 5–8 mars, 7–10 mai, 2–5 juli, 27–30 august, 22–25 oktober.

Alle kan være med, med eller uten partner
Forkunnskap i dans ikke nødvendig
Reserver din plass her nå (uforpliktende)


18:0018:50 Salsa Basics
19:0019:50 Salsa Beyond Basics: custom-made classes
20:0020:50 Bachata Basics
21:0021:50 Bachata Beyond Basics: custom-made classes
21:5022:30 Bachata & Salsa Student Social


18:0018:50 Salsa Basics.


18:0018:50 Salsa Basics
19:0019:50 Zouk Basics.
20:0020:50 Zouk Beyond Basics, custom-made classes.
21:0022:00 Zouk Social Dance, all levels.


18:0019:00 Salsa Basics
19:0019:50 WCS Basics
20:0020:50 Salsa Advanced (Participation ONLY by Invitation).
21:0021:50 Zou Advanced (Participation Only by Invitation).

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Important Information About Our Courses

Do you already plan to join one or several of our class series (see schedule)?
Click here for prices and registration.

If any spaces left, you can also register during the free week, after you have tasted the 1st class of the module.
Many people join our Free Week every time! Do bring along your friends and loved ones.
Both non-dancers and dancers will greatly benefit from our high quality pedagogy and instruction.

Our gift to you!

Those who register for their favorite full course during the free week or before will receive a Salsa CD of La Excelencia, a famous band from New York. Those who purchase a Diamond Card during the free week or before will get in addition a DVD from our previous Norwegian Salsa Congress , with great teaching material and shows!
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Super Deals

To see our Super Deals, Click here

10% OFF on your course for every new person you bring!
RECRUIT A NEW FRIEND who hasn’t been to ILD, and receive 10% discount on your own course of what your friends purchase first time.
Example 1: Your friend takes 1 full course (990,-/ 790,- students), you get kr 99,-/ 79,-discount on your course.
Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on.

20% OFF
We offer 20% for students who show a valid student card.

50% Off
We offer 50% off on repeating a beginner course
We recommend that everyone repeats the beginner course a few times (while going to other levels). This is the only way to get good and build up your dance on the right technique and progression.

Advantage Cards

Holders of our advantage Cards (Silver, Gold, and Diamond) can join all classes & parties in our schedule during the validity of their cards. Read more about our Advantage Cards.

Drop In

You can drop in during any 8-weeks course mentioned in our schedule only if you have completed the previous level and practiced. If it’s your first time to a beginner course and you are late with catching the start of the 8-weeks course, you can always book a private class with us to be able to catch up with the group as a drop in or the remaining course,

Partner Not Necessary:

Partners are not fixed so you’ll have opportunity to meet new friends and dance with different people. If you attend with your own partner and for whatever reason you wish to stay with your partner, this is fine, just stay with your partner when we change partners. There are always a few participants repeating their beginner course to refresh their basics. This will provide you the opportunity to dance with stronger dancers to help you learn faster.


Bring dance shoes, or other indoor shoes that have slippery soles to avoid injuries) that does not leave marks on the floor, or dance in your socks.
We have NICE DANCE SHOES TO SELL on the same location as the course, from 300 NOK. Come earlier to try them.

Individual/ Private Lessons

You can book a few individual lessons to learn the content of a level, so you can go straight to the next level.
In an individual class you learn a lot faster than in the group class.
Individual lessons available also during the whole summer.

Mini Groups

Both for private groups and companies.
We can come to you or you can come to us.

Instructional DVDs

What about learning your favorite dance at home or at the office with top instructors?
Come and have a look at our instructional DVDs collection at our studio. Some of them you can purchase on this website.

Perfect Learning Process

To learn a dance faster, with good technique, beauty and comfort (for yourself and the ones you dance with), this is the perfect combination:
1. Have proper dance shoes;
2. Join as many group classes as you can to learn new moves with good techniques;
3. Join our parties to practice what you learned before you forget;
4. Get 1 or + instructional DVD’s to do your homework with a correct technique (you can make the teacher repeat the same instruction as many times as you need);
5. Book 1 or more private classes a month (or as much as you able to in a year) to receive detailed feedback on what you can improve.

If you Miss a Class

When you miss a class in the middle of a beginner module, preferably book a short private class prior to the following class, to learn what you missed, for your own comfort and comfort of others, as these classes are built on each other.

Must Read Information

Click here to read our must read information before you attend our classes and activities.

The Schedule is Subject to Changes

Dance with I Love Dancing, learn nice moves, and dance comfortably on dance floors all over the globe!