Two Step kurs Oslo

Two Step Kurs Oslo

Two Step Kurs Oslo. Welcome to Two Step Weekender in Oslo Downtown! Limited slots, as the dance takes more space.

Deposit kr 100,- (non-refundable) and secure your spot! We will deduct the deposit from your total course fee upon your check-in at the reception at I Love Dancing.

I Love Dancing Advantage Cards Holders

If you have advantage cards (Silver, Gold, Diamond), confirm your participation by 5th of Nov, using our contact page.

BY REQUEST, and for the very first time at I Love Dancing, we will teach you Two Step! Be amazed of how fun this dance is, all the patterns, the drive and the energy.

So what is Two Step!?

Two Step in a smooth and travelling dance that combines a variety of complex patterns with lots of cool turn patterns. It looks a bit like a progressive style of Swing, but without any bounce.

Two Step is a country dance from USA and probably the most popular among all the country dances. We use primary up tempo country music, but also other styles of music will be used. In the class we will play country music and other genres that are suitable for the dance.
Two Step is a social dance, but also one of the main competition dances in the country dance community.

Are you dancing West Coast Swing!?

West Coast Swing Kurs Oslo. West Coast Swing Classes Oslo

Then you should absolute consider trying out Two Step as well. It tends to improve your WCS and make you more comfortable on turning, better posture and you will get a lot of practice on moving down the line of dance. Yes, many of the patterns are also similar, and many of them you can adapt straight into your swing.

Many of the WCS instructors we know here in Norway also dance Two Step, and some of them came from Country Dance; Robert Royston, Ronnie DeBenedetta, Brandi Tobias, Mario Robau, Catriona Wiles, Lee Easton, Patty Vo and many others. So why not ask them for a Two Step next time?

Together with Line Dance, Arild has thought different country partner dances already back in 1999. – Two Step is often a favourite on the floor, and it’s so fun to do, says Arild.

The video above is with Ronnie DeBenedetta and Stephanie McPherson Robau. Girls, don’t worry about all the turns—this is a very advanced level.


12-13 November, Saturday & Sunday, 12:00-17:00 (lunch break from 14:00 – 15:00) (8 hours of classes all together). PRACTICE IT RIGHT AWAY! We will let the music run 1 hour after the class both Saturday and Sunday for you to practice.


Arild & Karina

Art with a Heart, by Karina Dragonfly & Arild Lekanger!
ARILD has over 17 years of teaching and long experience in swing and country dances.
KARINA has 26 years of teaching experience in dance and have been dancing and performing already from age 5.
Read more about them:

Partner Not Necessary

Partners are not fixed so you’ll have opportunity to meet new friends and dance with different people. If you attend with your own partner and for whatever reason you wish to stay with your partner, this is fine, just stay with your partner when we change partners. There are always a few participants repeating their beginner course to refresh their basics. This will provide you the opportunity to dance with stronger dancers to help you learn faster.


Bring dance shoes, or other indoor shoes that have slippery soles to avoid injuries) that does not leave marks on the floor, or dance with socks.
We have NICE DANCE SHOES TO SELL on the same location as the course, from 300 NOK. Come earlier to try them 😉


Class can be taught in Norwegian or English, according to the needs of participants. It can be translated what is needed to Portuguese, and Spanish.

We take good care of you

We have created the perfect atmosphere for learning, having fun and socializing at I Love Dancing, dedicating to offer the best quality in all we do for you:
– Awesome pedagogy
– Fun classes in all levels
– Fast results
– Kind instructors
– Many popular dance styles
– Friendly community
– Elegant and super central location
– Great variety of amazing music
– Awesome sound system
– Great dance floor
– Cozy colorful light system
– Nice ecological bar & café
– Exclusive dance shop
– Effective combination of classes & party of the same dance style on the same day and location, so you can practice right away what you learn and make best use of your investment of time and money.
– Our events are done with great respect for other teachers & events.
– This is truly a place of art with a heart!

Two Step kurs Oslo


*** I Love Dancing CARDS: Silver, Gold & Diamond: it’s all INCLUDED! 😉
*** Full weekend: Kr. 990,- / 790,- Students
*** Day Pass: Kr. 690,- / 490,- Students
You can register for Sunday alone, ONLY if you have had at least 4 hours of basic Two Step AND remember it.

Two Step kurs Oslo

More discounts:

  • 50% Discount on REPEATED Beginner Course. We at I Love Dancing recommend that all join the beginner course at least 4 times (while going to other levels) as this is how you get good in your dance. To qualify for the 50% discount you need to have taken a 8 weeks course earlier in Two Step.
  • RECRUIT A NEW FRIEND (who hasn’t been to ILD): We deduct 10% of whatever your friends purchase, from your own course.
    Example 1: Your friend takes a Full 8 hours course (990,-/ 99,-discount on your course.
    Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on 🙂

Two Step kurs Oslo

BOOKING/Payment  DEADLINE is 5th of November.

  • Sign up for the weekender now, use the discount code «Repeated» if you are repeating your beginner course, use the discount code «Student»:
  • Or deposit kr 100,- (non-refundable) to secure your spot. We will deduct your deposit from the total course fee upon your check-in at the reception.

You can also book and pay in person at I Love Dancing during our parties/ Socials or everyday before/ after our evening classes.

The 100 NOK deposit is non-refundable if for any reason you cannot join the course.

Two Step kurs Oslo

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See you there 🙂
Best regards, BIG hugs, and much appreciation,
I Love Dancing Team